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Space Marble Run


There are some marble runs with themes in them. One of the standouts is a space marble run.

Marble Genius Marble Run Space Starter Set - Glow-in-The-Dark

Marble Genius Marble Run Space Starter Set - Glow-in-The-Dark - 130 Complete Pieces + Free Instruction App (80 Translucent Marbulous Pieces + 50 Marbles)

This Marble Genuis Space marble run starter set includes 80 see-through pieces that would allow you to see all the action and an additional  20 pieces and 40 marbles.

All its solid plastic pieces stick together and are easy for kids to play with and have an enjoyable time. This space marble run has 6 solid bases including 1 large base to make sure it has maximum support. It contains 10 glass marbles included.

To add to the thrill of the marble run is it's vibrantly colored and it's glow-in-the-dark.


  • This marble run is excellent
  • It's sturdy and perfect for letting your kid explore concepts like cause and effect
  • They glow well and the glowing marbles are fun
  • Great marble run choice
  • It has a see-through to track the marble path
  • The pieces fit snuggly together
  • Good value and great fun


  • It would be better if the connectors are more secure
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There's a space booster set to add to your space marble run starter set.

Marble Genius Space Booster Set

Marble Genius Space Booster Set (Add-On Set - 30 Marbulous Marble Run Toy Pieces)

This Marble Genius Space Booster Set would be a great addition to the space marble run starter kit.

This booster set features some of the favorite and most unique pieces that include a 360-degree loop, alternating Y, jump piece, and swing. It also features other pieces that are not in any of the other sets.


  • The extra pieces are well worth the money and add quite a bit to the starter set
  • The booster set is an excellent add-on to the starter set
  • Both the starter and booster set are just awesome
  • Your whole family would enjoy building different structures and exploring new ways to construct the marble runs
  • This is a perfect toy to teach cause and effect, critical thinking, and other STEM concepts


  • One of the track types in this pack breaks easily which is curvy and has struts
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