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How to quick dry Play-Doh?


Children love squeezing and squishing their Play-Doh. They could reuse it over and over again as you could make and create almost everything with it. Sometimes there are creations kids would love to preserve and keep them.

There are two ways to quick-dry Play-Doh.

The first method is to air-dry it. If kids don’t want to squish their creation back to a ball and start over because they’re very happy with what they’ve created.

Here is the right wat to use the air-dying technique for your Play-Doh:

Simply leave your sculpted modeling compound in a moderately cool dry place and leave it for 3 to 4 days to completely dry. Afterward, it could be painted with acrylic paint or be painted over by varnish or a sealant.

To make air-dry Play-Doh dry faster, you need to put them in an area that’s not humid, that’s not cold, and it must be a place where there is good air circulation.

Air-dry Play-Dohs must be sealed after drying to keep them protected from moisture and water.

The next one is a quick-drying technique and to harden them to be able to preserve the Play-Doh creations.

Instead of air-drying the Play-Doh pieces, you could bake them in a conventional oven at 200°F (93°C). The drying time would depend on the thickness and size of each of the pieces. It could be as fast as 30 minutes for small and flat pieces and several hours for the bigger and thicker Play-Doh sculptures.

Check on the pieces from time to time to see how they are. When you’re done drying the Play-Dohs, allow them to cool down. You could apply varnish or sealant on all the pieces to preserve them.

Play-Doh is such a great toy that could provide so much fun, learning experience, and limitless exploration.

It has so much to offer and has great characteristics that it’s no wonder why it’s a hall of famer in the toy industry.

The 3 billion cans of Play-Doh, which transcends to 700,000 pounds of this wonderful compound is enough proof to show how worthy and incredible this product is!

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