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Hot Wheels Games That You Can Play


Hot Wheels Games That You Can Play

Examples of Hot Wheels games that you can play are Hot Wheels: Race Off, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop, and Hot Wheels Unlimited.

Mattel has teamed up with several publishers and developers working on all kinds of platforms in order to bring Hot Wheels to a wider audience. Thus, Hot Wheels video games were born. You can find Hot Wheels in Forza, Rocket League and Need for Speed.

Mattel plans to continue to come up with challenging and exciting Hot Wheels experiences to their audience of all ages. This is why you can now find Hot Wheels on standalone games, digital games and in many smart integrations.

Hot Wheels Games That I Can Play

Hot Wheels: Race Off is a game that you can play using your iPad, Android, iPod or iPhone device. It is a racing game based on the principles of physics. In this game, players will race against each other. This race will be held in a dangerous track which means your chosen car is more likely to flip or run out of gas even before finishing the race. Sometimes, your car will also fall off a cliff. The good thing about this game is that there is only minimal violence. Your car could explode when it lands upside down.

Another Hot Wheels game that you can play is Hot Wheels Infinite Loop. This is a mobile racing game in which users of iOS and Android devices can play. In this game, players can choose to collect or upgrade their virtual Hot Wheels car before joining a race. You may choose to play against the computer or race against other players. Your hot wheels could be knocked into other hot wheels cars. Sometimes, it could also fall off the track or bump into an obstacle.

There is also an arcade racing game called Hot Wheels Unlimited that was just launched last September 2020.

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