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Are Hot Wheels Made of Metal?


Table of Contents:

Yes, hot wheels are made of a kind of metal commonly referred to as ZAMAC3. This is composed of aluminum, copper, cadmium, iron and magnesium. Another most abundant metal in hot wheel cars is zinc. ZAMAC is also commonly referred to as pot metal or white metal. These metals are obtained from a supplier who has access to a mining company. After acquiring these metals from the mining process, they will be transported to Thailand via cargo ships. It is also important to note that Hot Wheels are not only made of metal. Some parts of it are also made of plastic.

Are hot wheels diecast?

Yes, hot wheels are die cast toys. The raw materials acquired from a mining process will go through a die casting method. This involves a metal casting process that forces molten metal into a mold cavity using high pressure. This molded cavity will be machined into a specific shape. Once this die casting process is done, the metal will be painted with enamel.

Looking back, die cast toys first came into the market in the 20th century by other brands and toy car manufacturers. The first die cast toy car models were just basic, meaning they only consist of a van body or a small car with an empty interior. These first models of die cast toys were found to be not as durable as they are today. The early models of die cast toys easily cracked. They also decompose faster for no obvious reason. This is the reason why those die cast toys that were manufactured before World War II can no longer be found in good condition.

It was in the year 1968 that Mattel introduced Hot Wheels in the United States. During this time, their diecast toys already possess wheels and axle assembly that guarantees low-friction. In turn, Hot Wheels not only looked fast, but collectors also realized these toy cars were indeed capable of speeding up because of its low-friction wheels.

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