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Can you win Jenga?


Yes, you can win Jenga if you don’t make the tower fall, but the game is to identify a single loser in actuality. If there are only two players, the one who caused the tower to crumble loses! It’s automatic that the other player is the winner.

How could you win at Jenga?

If you want to win in Jenga, you need to take your time and don’t be impulsive and in a hurry to make your move. As Leslie Scott said: In Jenga, you lose it rather than win it.

Find out what works for you when you play Jenga. Don’t solely rely on strategy. You won’t foresee or plan your next move since the stability of the structure would change every after a move of the other player.

You don’t need to be giving or very cooperative in Jenga if you want to win.

Be manipulative of the tower and be on the upper hand.

What could be your best strategy in Jenga?

Some practical strategies might help you along the way when you play Jenga.

Push the blocks rather than pulling them.

Try to remove the blocks at the center first.

When you run out of center blocks to pull, then shift to the side blocks to the center.

When removing a block, use this technique, out from the left and in from the right.

Try to tap and gauge the looseness and thickness of a block.

Always focus on your moves.

It would be to your advantage to be able to use your non-dominant hand as well. It would make you more flexible.

Also, remember these things when playing Jenga.

You could tap on or touch other blocks to find a loose one, but if there’s a block you moved accidentally out of its place, you must arrange it and put it back using only one hand before you’re permitted to touch another block since the rules include the condition that you couldn’t touch other blocks after you have started to remove your block in your turn.

Keep in mind that if any block falls from the tower other than the piece being pulled out, in turn, would also end the game. The loser is the player who caused a block/blocks or the entire Jenga tower to fall.

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