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How was kinetic sand invented?


Table of Contents:

DeltaSand from Delta of Sweden was invented to be an interactive, three-dimensional, and never dries out kind of play sand. It’s now being sold and marketed as Kinetic Sand.

It’s the perfect building sand toy that would hold its shape just as easily as it tumbles and flows through a kid’s fingers.

Kids could make different incredible designs by molding it, cutting through it, squeezing it, shaping it, and squishing it. And you could just as easily break it up as you would sand on a beach and it would always go back to its original form.

Development engineers Jonas Modell and Staffan Thuresson met in 1991 when both were studying at Halmstad University, Halmstad, Sweden. They already started talking about the companies they would build after their college education.

In 1994 they finally made a breakthrough and invented DeltaSand after a lot of experimentation with beach or sea sand with a lot of different binders.

After three years from 1991, their company finally invented DeltaSand, now known as Kinetic Sand by using 98 percent sea sand and their 2% patented technology hidden within the binder.

The year 2005 gave Delta of Sweden two very successful ventures. Delta of Sweden opted for a new strategy in 2005 wherein they decided to be a subcontractor to their various licensees instead of selling their invented kinetic sand under their name.

The first venture was with Canada’s largest toy manufacturer, Spinmaster. Today, Kinetic Sand is a toy trademarked and produced by Spin Master Ltd.

The second venture is with Americans Jeffrey Barnett, who was very interested in a new product, DeltaSand, that’s sand that felt like wet sand, but it’s dry. He felt it would help the kids in their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills and how it would be a good therapy tool for children with special needs.

He met Jonas Modell, one of the inventors of Deltasand, in an accidental meeting while waiting for an elevator in New Orleans, and that started a collaboration. Barnett became instrumental in starting Delta of North America, LLC.

After a year, Barnett met David McCloskey at an occupational therapy conference in Colorado. McCloskey. The duo became very good friends and decided to join forces in 2003 to start WABA Fun. Today, the company is well-known for Kinetic Sand and Superstructs, a cool building sets for kids from 3 and older.

Alongside Spinmaster, kinetic sand with dilatant material made from ultrafine sand and polydimethylsiloxane or silicone oil is marketed by Waba Fun, LLC.

They also carry the Mad Mattr Kinetic Sand under their Relevant Play line-up.

After Thoughts

Both ventures were successful up to this present day that kids everywhere in the United States and more than 50 other countries are benefiting from the awesome features of this wonderful invention that provides endless fun and educational fun play.

Today, Kinetic Sand sand continues to remain the number one play sand that mimics the look of wet beach sand, and yet it’s not wet and it never dries out.

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