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Best Magic Illusions in Science


Magic illusion and tricks have a lot of science in them. Some tricks could be easily explained, and some could leave you clueless. Here's a bit of science in this magical illusion set.

Best magic illusions in Science

Great Gizmos 4M Kidz Labs Illusion Science

Great Gizmos 4M Kidz Labs Illusion Science

Train your eyes to be fast to figure out these classic illusion trick cards. This 4M Kidz Labs illusion science set is very challenging as you get to see the swirling illusions produced by the illusion spinner and view and create 3D pictures.

It includes over 20 optic fun activities that are neatly packed in a carry pouch. It's a cool science kit that provides hours of funs!

Also, it contains one set of illusion trick cards with more than 15 illusion tricks, one spinning top card with four spinning illusion cards, 3D picture cards, a stencil, two markers for making simple 3D pictures, 3D glass, a pouch, and detailed instructions.

It's designed for kids 7 years and up.

  • There are great little experiments to do in the booklet included and fun for both children and adults who like solving optical illusion puzzles
  • Fun and easy to do
  • It helps you channel your kid's energy and curiosity into something a bit more creative
  • Great kids learning kit
  • There are lots of ideas to investigate
  • Worth the money
  • The metal gyroscope is of good quality but might snap if not properly handled
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