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Oversized Jenga DIY


You could make a DIY oversized Jenga in less than a day. It could be a great project that you could enjoy doing that would be rewarding as a result.

The materials you'll need are:

6 2x4's - 8 feet long

Sandpaper -180 grit

The tools you would also need are the following:

Mitre Saw

Adjustable roller stand


Spindle, orbital, or belt sander

You could also use glasses and ear protection for your safety too.

Here's the step by step procedure:

Cut the 2x4's using a Mitre saw on a table. Add a stop in the set-up for repeatable cuts. This would allow you to cut the same size without the need in measuring every cut. 

You could use a scrap board and two clamps to create your stop. Once the stop is in place, cut 54 pieces at 10 ½

Next is to sand all the wooden blocks. Make sure all blocks are smooth and do not have any splinters

You're all set to use the oversized Jenga. Have good fun!

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