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How to clean dirty and sticky pool floats?


Having pool floats around in the pool is bliss. People might focus on cleaning their pools, and they tend to forget that floats need to be cleaned and sanitized too.

Your pool and its water might be clean, but your floats are not. Remember that they could accumulate germs, dirt, and molds in them too. When your floats are dirty, they become sticky and slimy too.

Pools floats should be regularly cleaned and taken good care of too. You need to know how to clean and store them. This will ensure that they would last longer and stay hygienic too. Always make sure there are no germs, dust, and molds in them.

Keep your pool floats consistently clean by doing these necessary steps:

Deflate your float

The first thing you do is to deflate your pool float. It would be easier to clean your float thoroughly if it’s deflated. Simply open your float’s valve stem to let all its air out.

Remove all excess water in your float

Make sure there is no extra water in your float. Remove all the excess water in your float.

Clean your Pool Float

The next and essential step is to clean your float. There are natural and organic cleaners, as well as chemical cleaning solutions. The natural and organic cleaner is safer, but the cleaners with chemicals are designed to be effective in eliminating germs easier.

What can you use to clean your float?


You could use soap to clean your float by mixing in a pail 1/4 cup of mild cleanser to a gallon of water. Then wash your float using this soap solution using a rag or a sponge. Rinse it off with water afterward.


The next option is to use vinegar as your cleaning agent. Mix one part white vinegar to two parts of warm water and mix them well. Use this solution to submerge your float for about 20 minutes. This would remove all the dirt and molds in your pool float.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another good cleaning agent for your float.  Mix one part baking soda with four parts of warm water thoroughly. This baking soda solution would absorb all the dirt in your float, and it would clean it at the same time.


A chemical solution that would clean and sanitize your float is bleach. Just add 2 tablespoons of bleach to a pail of water and submerge your float in it. Wait for around 4-5 minutes for the bleach to do be effective.

Bleach can also be used to remove germs, mold, and mildew from your float, but if you opt for a less harsh cleaning agent, you could use any of the first three cleaning solution options.

After Thoughts

Just make it a habit to rinse with water your float after each use to avoid any mold and germs build-up. Also, let your pool float fully dry under the sun. Store it in a mesh or net bag in a place with proper ventilation and not in damp and dark places. Mold and mildews thrive in these kinds of places.

Your float should also be completely dry before you store it to avoid being moist and be a breeding ground for molds and mildews, which is absolutely a big no-no!

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