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How to play colored Jenga with dice


Table of Contents:

How to play colored Jenga with dice

The legendary Jenga never fails to amaze and to offer more variations to its classic game. What’s great about it is all its different varieties only follow one rule but all with multiple twists and distinct characteristics in them. 

Jenga really helps in developing the senses, thinking,  and it teaches control and patience. Along with your hand movements and strategy, great discipline and confidence are gained to what the next wise move should be. 

The same principle is applied and that’s to successfully remove a block, put it on top without the tower falling apart. It’s classically simple but a multitude of versions now exist.

One of them is the colored Jenga with a dice. How is it played?

First, the tower needs to be set up with all the colors mixed-up.

Decide to follow the rule that whoever set-up the tower would take the first turn.

The dice that is used here is a special dice with all its sides with the color of all the Jenga blocks in the set.

The first player rolls the dice and see what color he or she needs to remove

Remove the block with the same color on the dice

Place each removed block on top of the tower. As the game progresses, the tower would grow higher and higher until it becomes shaky, unstable, and falls.

Continue playing until the tower collapses. 

The loser of the game is the person who makes the tower to topple down.

Rebuild the tower again and play as much rounds you and your opponent agreed upon.

Remember, keep that hand steady and be careful not to drop the tower to win!

After Thoughts

It’s so cool and mind-blowing how a simple classic game of Jenga had branched out like a tree with many different and exciting fruits!

You could try sampling each of Jenga’s wonderful plays and you’ll end up asking for more, more!

This game has still a lot of surprises stored like this colored Jenga that makes this game more thrilling than ever.

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Copyright © HappyGiftsForKids 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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