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PlayDoh - When was it invented, released, first introduced?


Play-Doh is a part of many kids’ lives over the years. It’s been a regular must-have toy of children, especially in their early formative years.

It’s a classic modeling compound used to shape and mold things at play, also used in arts and crafts for kids that come in a lot of colors.

When was PlayDoh invented?

This non-toxic and reusable modeling was invented in 1930 at Cincinnati, Ohio, and would you believe it, as a wallpaper cleaner?

Noah McVicker of Cincinnati-based soap manufacturer Kutol Product was the one who invented this flexible and workable putty-like substance. It’s because of the request of Kroger Grocery for a product that could clean coal residue from wallpaper that it came about.

After World war II  there was a deceased for the demand for a coal wallpaper cleaner since coal-based heating had been replaced by natural gas. And eventually, washable types of vinyl wallpapers came out in the market.

Joe McVicker, Noah’s nephew, turned around the company with the influence of his sister-in-law, Kay Zufall, who was a nursery school teacher. She had read in the newspaper about using the wallpaper cleaning putty in the art projects.

She convinced Noah and Joe McVicker to sell and manufacture the putty as a child’s toy. It was Kay’s husband who named it Play-Doh.

And as they say, and the rest is history!

When was Play-Doh released?

Joe McVicker took Play-Doh to an educational convention for manufacturers of school supplies, and Play-Doh was launched and demonstrated there in 1956.

Woodward & Lothrop, a department store in Washington, DC, began selling the compound also in1956.

The McVickers then formally built the Rainbow Crafts Company to make and sell Play-Doh.

When was Play-Doh first introduced?

The product did an updating and modification and was sold as Play-Doh to Cincinnati schools in the mid-1950s.

A major change that was made, and it’s the reduction of salt content in the formula by Dr. Tien Liu, a chemist in 1957. This paved the way for Play-Dohs to dry and yet wouldn’t lose their colors.

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