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Which Hot Wheels Have Rubber Tires?


The first release of hot wheels cars which contain rubber tires are the Real Riders series. In fact, the term “Real Rider” is a registered name by Mattel’s wheels which refer to their specific Hot Wheels series containing an inner design with realistic tread and rubber tires to complete its wheelset.  The Real Riders series began in 1983 and was introduced during Mattel’s 15th Anniversary.

This concept of incorporating real rubber tires was first developed by Larry Wood and Bob Rosas, the two legendary designers of Hot Wheels. These two legends developed the concept of Real Riders with an aim to create a better appeal among adult hot wheels collectors. They take into consideration the fact that adult collectors would appreciate Hot Wheels more if it possesses some realistic aspects.

Which Hot Wheels series have Real Riders?

Real Riders is also the name of Hot Wheels series that feature a 2-piece wheel containing a rubber tread. Other Hot Wheels series that have Real Rider wheels are the 1995 Treasure Hunts. This series includes the Olds 442, Purple Passion, ‘67 Camaro, ‘57 T-Bird, VW Bug and the Rolls Royce Phantom II, among others.

The 2002 Auto Milestones is another Hot Wheels series that contain real rubber tires. This series features 16 classic cars which include the Ford GT-40, ‘63 Corvette, ‘37 Bugatti, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 360 Modena, '65 Mustang Convertible and Lamborghini Countach, among others.

The 2010 Hot Wheels Delivery also features Real Riders. Some of the hot wheels included in this series include the ‘32 Ford Delivery, ‘37 Ford Woodie, ‘55 Chevy Nomad, ‘57 Buick and the ‘50s Chevy Truck among others.

Other Hot Wheels series that feature Real Riders are 2009 Classics 5 Chase, 2009 Garage Premiums, 2011-2012 Nostalgic Brands, 2013 Present Pop Culture and the 2016 Present Car Culture.

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