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What happens if you eat kinetic sand?


Kinetic sand comes in vivid colors and is so silky soft. It is dangerous to have your kids play with it unsupervised because they might think it is edible and eat it.

Kinetic sand is safe when you touch it and play with it using just your hands. But it’s suitable for children three years old and up, as younger children may choke trying to swallow it. Second, even for bigger ones when eaten in large quantities it may cause problems and may have to be removed surgically.

The sand is not toxic, so it won’t poison your children if they eat it. The problem lies in the very special sand’s properties. When the sand gets to the bowels it still keeps reshaping, every time the bowels contract to move it along. So, the sand may be stuck in the bowels, and it may turn out the only way to remove it is during surgery. Of course, eating bits of it won’t make your child too much harm – it’s only dangerous when eaten in large quantity, like half of the box for example.

Kinetic Rock - Rock Crusher Toy Kit with Construction Tools

Kinetic Rock - Rock Crusher Toy Kit with Construction Tools, for Ages 3 and Up

Mold it! Build it! Crush it! New from the makers of Kinetic Sand comes Kinetic Rock. Kinetic Rock is made from real natural rock that magically sticks together. Use the included mold to create boulders. Then use the vehicle’s claw to pick up the boulder, transport it, and dump it.

You’ll have help from the poseable construction figure that fits inside the vehicle. Now you’re ready to crush some boulders. Use the rock crusher to turn molded bounders into rock. Flatten out and smooth the rock with the tamper tool. Store all your Kinetic Rock and accessories in the fun re-useable package. The Kinetic Rock Crusher Set lets you mold, build and crush for hours of real construction fun.

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