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Are Mega Bloks Compatible with Lego?


Lego is perhaps one if not the first company to manufacture plastic construction toys for children. It was first introduced in 1949 and had evolved over time. Mega Bloks, on the other hand, was first known as Ritvik Holdings and was changed to Mega Bloks from 2002 to 2006. However, it was in 1984 that Ritvik Holdings first introduced Mega Bloks in Canada and the United States.

Lego being the first one to be introduced to the public, has gained more popularity than Mega Bloks. Aside from that, Lego products are more expensive than Mega Bloks, and users also believe that Lego brick toys are more durable and have better quality than Mega Bloks. It may be true considering the price difference between the two. Since both are brick construction toys, it is only natural for people to wonder if the two are compatible.

Is Mega Bloks Compatible with Lego?

Although Lego is considered to be of higher quality, some of the bricks of Lego and Mega Bloks fit together. Lego’s standard bricks are generally smaller than Mega Bloks standard bricks. Since both brands have a wide range of product lines, some Mega Bloks bricks like their micro bricks are compatible with Lego’s bricks.

Another interesting thing about the two brands is that Mega Bloks’ miniature dolls and toy soldiers are also compatible with Lego studs. Even Mega Blok’s handheld accessories are also suited to Lego’s mini-figures. It looks like most of Lego’s bricks and mini-figures are compatible with Mega Bloks. 

This is somehow good news to people who both owned Lego and Mega Bloks bricks. Lego users, however, will not trade their Lego bricks for Mega Bloks. This is probably because Lego is the original brick construction toy between the two and because of its quality. Even if Lego is more expensive, many still prefer this brand over Mega Bloks.

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