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Best magic books for beginners


Here is one of the best magic books for beginners.

Presto! Magic for the Beginner

Presto! Magic for the Beginner (Dover Magic Books)

Truly one of the best magic books for beginners and learn to amaze and mystify your would-be audiences with your extensive repertoire of magic tricks. No experience is needed for its an easy guide that will walk you through all the steps.

You'll learn the ropes in three kinds of magic such as close-up, club and parlor, and stage magic. With just a little practice needed you'll be able to make objects disappear, conjure something from nothing, levitate, and perform a host of other classic illusions, including a variety of card tricks.

Internationally renowned magician George Schindler will share the secrets behind these classic maneuvers, offering practical advice on misdirection, presentation, routine, and showmanship. 

You'll also know how to make your own inexpensive props. It includes more than one hundred helpful illustrations that will assist you in perfecting the Classic Coin Vanish, the Flying Rope, the French Drop, the Princess Floats, and other amazing tricks.

Thirteen entertaining chapters would show the beginners how to:

  • make objects disappear
  • conjure something from nothing
  • levitate
  • perform other illusions
  • more than 100 helpful illustrations


  • It's a good book
  • This book teaches you the fundamentals
  • It could help you start inventing your magic tricks
  • Highly-rated


  • No negative reviews so far

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