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How to be good at Jenga?


Jenga is a game where all the blocks have the same size but they’re not 100% the same. That poses one of the great challenges in Jenga. You could master winning in Jenga with a mixture of luck, steady hands, and making the right moves.

Removing blocks in the middle will make the structure more stable but you can only play this move one time per row. So you could try these strategies.

Do the knock and see - It would determine how tight a Jenga is by using your nail gently to see and feel its fit. If it feels tight leave it for later and take it out last as much as possible

Try the door method - Try to open the Jenga like a door on the outside if you’re put in a situation that you need to take out a stubborn Jenga. Next is to apply a little force outward and put it and close it back in. You have to be patient and you need to repeat this step consecutively so you’ll see it loosening out a little every time.

The index fingernail support – You could use this after the door method used in a stubborn Jenga. You need to make the final push to get out the block. Hold the Jenga using your ring finger and thumb and you have to gently hold the Jenga just above it with your index fingernail very well. With the final push immediately support the weight on your index fingernail. 

Drop the Jenga on the base and continue supporting the Jenga above. Check where is the inclination of the tower by trying to release the Jenga supported by only your nail. If the tower seems to be displaced, try to move back the block to stabilize it.

You need to concentrate and to never be distracted no matter what. Always think ahead of what your opponent’s next move might be. It would be to your advantage if you could gauge his probable moves.

Lastly, when in the latter part of the game, get the all safe blocks for you and what would push your opponent to pull out the stubborn Jenga.

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