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Jenga Drinking Game List


Jenga is for everyone, and in this context there is a lot of Jenga variety developed for the adults. One of them is the Drinking Jenga set or others call it the Drunk Jenga.

Jenga drinking game list

You could use a classic Jenga in a drinking Jenga game and could improvise and put your drinking game list.

Drunk Jenga is a favorite classic social drinking game that's enjoyable, super fun in parties to play. It involves performing certain tasks that could be funny, hilarious, or outrageous after pulling each block in your turn.

The drinking game list could be a lot! Take a look at this drinking game list that you could use at your next party.


Here is a Jenga inspired drinking game that has the tasks in them.

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game - 54 Blocks, over 35 Different Rules and Games - The Ultimate Adult Party Game

The Tipsy Tower drinking game is for adults who love to party and drink and to play Jenga. It's your ultimate block-stacking party game with a lot of twists because it has 35 games in 1!

This would any party going and a hit. It could also be for non-drinkers since you could substitute the drinks to any of your likings.

It comes with 54 blocks that include 35 out-of-the-box rules and games.  The rules are printed on each of the 54 blocks for a new and unique experience every time.

It includes some of the best classics like story time, moose, make a rule, in combination with some brand new ones such as like God, most likely to, nicknames, truth or dare. Makes every game different


  • The blocks are painted black with white printed words in them
  • The directions on each block are good at keeping the game going on without anyone getting bored at all
  • Lots of fun for adults
  • A fun spin on the classic Jenga.
  • The rules are fun and would keep everyone laughing
  • this can also be played as regular Jenga without the drinking.


  • It's a fun drinking game, but some of the phrases on the blocks need to be double-checked on the box
  • Not too stable for some
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