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Are Nerf guns illegal?


Nerf guns are designed not to be harmful at all.  It’s one of the best-selling toy guns in the market with more than $400 million in sales. The ammo used in these guns is dart and smaller balls resembling golf balls that are made from foam.

Hasbro, its manufacturer, spends a lot from its budget for product development, designs, and they even have a massive warehouse to test all their Nerf guns in different stings.

What makes it lethal is when these guns are modified to use more powerful darts and pellets. This is where the danger could come in. It becomes harmful especially when aimed and fired in close-range scenarios.

All users of Nerf guns should always practice caution by not firing at the eyes and head and not aiming at people and animals at close distances at all times.

No, Nerf guns are not illegal since there’s no official law that bans the use of Nerf guns anywhere in the US. Some states might have different views of them in public places. To avoid encountering any problems and it’s best to avoid or taking out these toys in public or beyond designated play areas or completion sites.

Nerf guns have a solid following, not just from kids but adults alike. Some of them have an extensive collection of Nerf guns. Most of them grew up playing and owning these toy guns.

How should Nerf guns look like to avoid being reprimanded?

All toy guns that include Nerf guns should have range tips and should have bright colors for them not to be prohibited from being sold, manufactured, and shipped since the Department of Commerce issued this advisory in 1992.

This advisory, however, does not prohibit the modification of these toy guns by its users.

Could you bring your Nerf guns aboard a plane?

They are permitted aboard a plane since Nerf guns not being illegal. It should be packed on your checked baggage.

However, it would be best to check with the airlines since each of them has its own protocols and guidelines on what is allowed to be brought aboard their planes.

Some airlines might prohibit Squirt guns, Nerf guns, toy swords, and other items that resemble realistic firearms and weapons.

Your Nerf gun should be properly wrapped and sealed in your baggage if you’re your chosen airline allows it on their plane. This would eliminate you from having problems along the way.

After Thoughts

Nerf guns should not be illegal because they are not real guns and, in reality, are blasters with foam ammo by Hasbro that are intended for kids. It’s meant to foster active play and not to harm at all.

The Nerf products shoot darts, disc, and water, and playing with them won’t turn your kids to be violent. Nerf guns have been around for more than two decades and had provided safe, fun play for the kids.

It’s just important for parents and adults to guide and instill the right attitude towards toy guns.

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