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Directions on how to do a magic trick


To be successful in doing magic tricks, you should do it because you consider it as an art form and as an expression.

You become part of an ancient art form with a long history so respect and reverence to it should be practice.

It’s part of the tradition that magician never reveals their secrets.

There’s an unwritten code of ethics when performing magic tricks. That’s true. But good thing long-time magicians share their secrets for the neophyte magicians to learn from.

A lot of resources are available now like instructional books about magic, DVDs produced by professional magicians, and even Youtube videos on how to perform different magic tricks.

This is a sure way that the legacy of magic continues so it would be a part of the lives of even future generations. It’s a way to promote all the wonderful magic tricks.

Here are the directions on how to do a magic trick seamlessly.

Never divulge how you did the magic trick. Let your spectators be curious and amaze. It would make your act even more powerful, endearing, and incredible. Don’t reveal the illusion even to your family and friends unless you're sharing the magic trick to another magician to be able to help each other learn and improve.

Just make sure that person is authentically interested in performing magic, and not just scrutinizing how the trick is done.

Have a good line-up of magic tricks in your act. This would showcase a variety of tricks that would enhance your versatility. This would also deter you from repeating the same magic tricks over and over again. There would always be an element of surprise and variety in your act that people would look forward to. Always show new and fresh magic tricks.

Don’t pre-empt your act and try to give away the outcome. Let them guess how it would turn out in the end. Keep things under wraps to be more exciting and surprising. Don't feed your audience the outcome to make it more astonishing and amazing.

Being passionate about magic is the continuous learning of new tricks. Keep on learning, keep on practicing that in the long run, you are capable to invent your magic trick. Never perform a trick unless you mastered it or you’re pretty sure about it. Remember, it would show and be evident in your performance if you had mastered it.

It’s a magic act and it’s not proper to let it appear that you are a mystical person with superpowers. You want them to be impressed with the illusion you performed. It’s like more on being a very convincing actor with the role of a magician.

Don’t use magic tricks to feed your ego. Be simple, humble, and charming but never arrogant or self-centered. Performing magic is more for others and not you!

The main objective of a magician is to entertain.  The much younger magicians think it’s getting one over people and fooling them when they did the magic tricks successfully. You might succeed in performing the magic tricks but the true essence of it being successful is when your audience enjoyed it.

Another thing to be a good magician is not to compare yourself with anyone or to tell that you’re a better magician than anybody. Even if you’re a good magician., let others compliment you and not you, yourself. Practice respect at all times.

Acknowledge your mentors, inspirations, or if you learned the magic tricks from someone else. Always be truthful about this.

And, last but not the list, be versatile and leave a lot of room for your audience to ask for more magic tricks. Plan your repertoire and routine to have just enough time and excitement from the audience. Do it in a good phasing e it becomes boring. Leave your other magic tricks saved for other days especially if you’re performing among friends and families. You need to know when to stop.

If you follow all these directions plus all your good magic tricks up your sleeves, I guarantee you that you’ll have what it takes to do credible magic tricks.

After Thoughts

There are always things and principles that must be followed to be good in what one does and that includes being a magician.

There’s a degree of responsibility and discipline attached to it to be able to be perhaps great on it.
Aside from all the magic tricks you’ve mastered, the way you execute it, and the way your audience would react to it would be the ultimate guiding light that you indeed succeeded in entertaining your audience.

And that is what counts the most!

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