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Best Play Kitchen with Magnetic Fridge


There are a lot of variations for play kitchens. Some come in a one-piece set, and there are that comes in a two-piece set that’s more flexible to move around. You could position it easily in smaller places and spaces too.

They could also come in different appliances combinations, or it could also have a complete line of kitchen gadgets.

Homestyle 2Piece Kitchen

Homestyle 2Piece Kitchen

This Children’s play kitchen with a fridge from KidKraft is a two-piece set that is more flexible to move around. It has a sturdy construction, and it looks super cute.

A play kitchen and fridge that includes a  burner, laundry basket, washer, an oven, freezer, and storage doors open and close. Its modular design is good for any room layout and space.

The oven knobs turn and click, and the fridge doors could also be opened and it could be equipped with magnetic hardware in it. This set has a refreshing and calming color in it that kids would find very attractive and amusing.

This set has very realistic-looking appliances with a vintage-style theme for great fun, the retro way to complete a kitchen playroom. It’s recommended for kids from 3 to 12 years old.

Let your kid experience new unforgettable moments, the KidKraft Homestyle 2-Piece Play Kitchen. The innovative modular design means this play kitchen can be arranged for a more personalized layout to fit any play space in your home.


  • High quality, not too difficult to assemble
  • This set is truly adorable
  • It’s more flexible to put anywhere in your home
  • A great two-piece set option
  • It is a perfect size, especially for the toddlers
  • All its compartments could be open
  • Nice colors


  • It would be better if the plastic on the dryer and washer is a little sturdier

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