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Can Hot Wheels Be Worth Money?


Yes, they can. Some hot wheels that were purchased or released to the market decades ago are worth thousands of dollars today. These hot wheels can, no doubt, bring back fond memories of someone's childhood. And, when someone is nostalgically drawn to it, that specific hot wheels car would immediately become valuable. It could become so valuable that one would be willing to pay a hefty amount of money just to be able to own it. By having this in one's possession, it's tantamount to recapturing one's youth.

Will hot wheels be worth money?

Car dealers and hot wheels collectors have something that they call the "two-decade rule." If the hot wheels you purchased twenty years ago still exist today, then the chances are high that you can already sell them for quite a huge amount of money. These hot wheels first came into existence in 1968, which means that last 2018 your collection has already reached 50 years old. In other words, these hot wheels are not only in their golden years, but they can also be valued highly, much like a piece of gold treasure. How much hot wheels will be worth can be determined according to their age, condition and demand. Storing them for years in an unopened box helps ensure they remain in their original condition unscathed, thereby adding value to your hot wheels collection.

Which hot wheels are worth more money?

The majority of hot wheels that were valued the most are those that belong to the Redline series. For example, the 1971 Boss Hoss With Black Roof is now valued at $1,050. The 1955 Candy Striper Chevy Bel Air Gasser Hot Wheels is now worth as much as $1,400. The '55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser "Candy Striper is now valued at least $1000. So, if you have these hot wheels rarities and limited editions, then you could be sitting on hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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