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When was Kinetic Sand invented, made, or created?


It’s simply marvelous as to how much joy you can get by just squeezing kinetic sand. The concept of having sand that mimics wet beach sand but it’s moldable, stick to each other but never in your hands, and could be shaped, sculpted, and sliced is just breathtakingly amazing.

That’s exactly what a company called Delta of Sweden did with their invention called Deltasand that is now marketed as kinetic sand It’s an interactive and three-dimensional building toy that holds its shape just as easily as it tumbles through a kid’s fingers.

DeltaSand, also marketed as Kinetic Sand, claims to be a three-dimensional building toy that holds its shape just as easily as it tumbles through a child’s fingers.

Kids could make intricate designs by molding it, cutting through it, squeezing it, and spreading it. And they could just as easily break it up as you would sand on a beach.

The company made it possible by making it using 98 percent sand and their 2% patented technology hidden within the binder.

The Invention

The prospective development engineers Jonas Modell and Staffan Thuresson met at Halmstad University in the fall of 1991. Already then, the two planned to start companies right after graduation. Three years later, they started developing products together.

As luck was on their side they were able to find their perfect product after three years. They finally did it after a lot of testing and experimenting with mixing sea sand with a lot of binders.

The Creation

They found the magical 2% that would go with the 98% regular sand that would make it moldable like wet sand. The result gave birth to movable, reshapeable sand that doesn’t dry out and degrade that stick to itself.

The process for making this product is proprietary. We know that the special sand is coated with a nano-thin layer of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) or silicone oil, but we don’t know the exact recipe or procedure.

In their hands, they have a creative and malleable play material, which could be used for educational purposes that emulated the properties of wet sand.

Since 1997 Delta of Sweden pioneered in the sand category within the activity toys market and is today an innovative materials technology company developing compounds based on proprietary technologies. Focus is on the business area Creative Compounds with modeling compounds for the activity toys, Arts & Crafts, educational and therapeutic markets.

Delta is instrumental in identifying gaps in the market and conceptualizing their technologies. New compounds and product concepts are continuously being refined and developed, often in close collaboration with customers to benefit from input from the end markets regarding desired features and specific market segment opportunities.

Their two major collaboration

In 2005, Delta of Sweden had to major collaboration that helped them reach and achieve the status they have right now.

They pursued a new strategy which they launched in 2005. It was a decision to become a subcontractor to various licensees instead of selling kinetic sand under their name.

This is where Spin Master, the largest Canadian toy giant came in. In 2014, the products were sold in the Spin Masters Kinetic Sand range and outsold the dolls in the Barbie range that was popular in Japan. It is larger than Barbie in Japan today.

Kinetic Sand now is a toy trademarked and produced by Spin Master Ltd.

Another big venture that year was with American Jeffrey Barnett who got interested and heard of a Swedish product called Deltasand. It’s a kind of sand that felt like wet sand but was completely dry.

Barnett thought of the benefits it would bring in children’s fine-motor skills. He had a vision on how the sand could help the kids with their problem-solving skills as well as how it could be a great tool for occupational therapists that works with children with special needs.

Those wishful thinking of Barrett came to fruition. He met Jonas Modell, the inventor of Deltasand in a chance meeting while waiting for an elevator in New Orleans and that changed everything. One thing led to another, and Barnett helped start Delta of North America, LLC.

Fast forward a year, and Barnett met David McCloskey at an occupational therapy conference in Colorado. McCloskey, who then was in the midst of an unexpected career shift had started planting seeds for a toy company that focused on building and construction sets.

The pair became close friends and decided to join forces in 2003 to start WABA Fun. Today, the company became known for Kinetic Sand and Superstructs, cool building sets for children 3 and older.

These days, kinetic sand with dilatant material made from ultrafine sand and polydimethylsiloxane or silicone oil is marketed by Waba Fun, LLC.

As we could see both ventures were successful up to this present day that kids everywhere in the United States and more than 50 other countries are the beneficiaries of this wonderful invention that provides unlimited hours of fun play.

After Thoughts

We just happened to be in the right place and at the right time said Staffan on being asked how they came about kinetic sand.

An idea that became big and a fun sensory activity that will happily occupy the kids for hours because it's oozy, malleable, and uses safe magical ingredients.

An invention that started in Sweden is now vastly enjoyed in every corner of the world.

They had come a long way indeed!

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