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Toddleroo Gate with Wall Mount


One thing that all parents have in common is making sure their children are safe and sound at all times. It hurts them to see when their children fall and get hurt. However, it would be hard for parents to look after their children at all times. There are also times that kids run or crawl so fast that parents sometimes do not notice that they left the room already. 

One way to keep your kids safe from falling or climbing the stairs is by installing a gate. You can find different types of gates or barriers made for children, but one of the most trusted brands is Toddleroo by North States. What makes this brand preferred by most parents is the easy installation or durability of the product. Aside from that, there are a number of options to choose from.

One example is the Toddleroo gate with wall mount. There is a wide selection for their gate with wall mount. It comes in different colors, sizes, materials, and some even light up when it is dark so you can easily find the gate and handle even when the lights are off. The good thing about their gates is that most of them are adjustable. It can fit almost any stairway, and there are extra panels that can be purchased separately if you need a bigger one.

The Toddleroo gate with wall mount can be used not only on the staircase but also on doorways and areas with larger openings. Toddleroo gates are very easy to install and do not require any tools or measuring. Everything you need to install the gate is included in the package, so it is hassle-free. Easy to follow instructions are also provided in the package, or you can simply visit their website for additional information and guidance when setting up the gate. 

Toddleroo gate with wall mount can be purchased at Amazon and Walmart.

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