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Are Mega Bloks and Mega Construx the Same?


Parents with kids who love brick-based toys or anyone for that matter might be confused with the sudden introduction of the Mega Construx brand name. Many are asking if Mega Bloks and Mega Construx are the same. To answer that, yes, they are the same in terms that both are brick-based toys but no because the brands cater to different ages.

Is Mega Construx Mega Bloks?

Mega Construx and Mega Bloks are sibling brands under the Mattel company. Mega Bloks is meant to inspire preschoolers from 1-5, while Mega Construx is intended for kids aged 4 up. To clarify things, Mega Construx is not a new company but a new brand. There are new and exciting things to watch out for with Mega Construx. Collectors and kids will find it more enjoyable and discover new things with the brand. 

Are the Two Brands Compatible?

The good news is that even though they are from different brands, both sets are compatible with each other. You can still use your old Mega Bloks sets with a Mega Construx set. The sizes of each brand’s bricks are standard, so you or your kids can mix and match the bricks from both sets. 

As for product lines, there is nothing to worry about since most of the Mega Bloks lines will also be at Mega Construx. Some of the favorite product lines that will be launched at Mega Construx are American Girl, Halo, Despicable Me and Call of Duty. They will also be releasing new product lines that you can add to your growing collection.

Now, if you are wondering what will happen to your Mega Bloks account, you can still continue to use it. You can even use your Mega Bloks login information to log in to the new Mega Construx website. All your information, pictures, and posts will still exist.

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