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Why was PlayDoh Invented?


Table of Contents:

The ultimate toy, Play-Doh that belong to the elite league of Lego and Barbie is an accidental child toy invention.

Noh McViker worked in their family business, Kutol Products, a soap company in the 1930s. He invented the dough as a wallpaper cleaner. It looked like putty and was made of flour, water, salt, and other ingredients. It was the perfect wallpaper cleaner to clean all the soot build-up in wallpapers back then due to the coal heating system.

McVicker’s wallpaper cleaner does not contain any toxic chemicals. It’s also reusable, and it didn’t stain the wallpaper. He didn’t realize that his invention would turn to be one of the best-selling toys of all time.

The time came in the middle of the 1950s that the use of natural gas and electricity replaced the coal heating system.

Luckily, Amy Zufall, the sister-in-law- of Joseph McVicker, who’s the nephew of Noah, relayed the information that the putty could be used by children in arts and crafts. Amy and her husband also suggested the brand name, Play-Doh.

This was the beginning of Play-Doh to be marketed as a child’s toy. In 1956, Rainbow Crafts Company was born to make and sell Play-Doh.

Today, Play-Doh owned by Hasbro, the non-toxic, easy to use, and simple to clean up the modeling compound had sold more than 3 billion cans that equates to over 700 million pounds of Play-Doh.

Hasbro sells it through its Playskool line. In 2003, Play-Doh made it to the Century Toys list. This includes the100 most memorable and creative toys for the last 100 years.

How to use Play-Doh?

Kids would benefit a lot from playing Play-Doh. They are encouraged to use their creativity and to freely explore the dough.

It’s very easy to use Play-Doh. After taking it from its plastic container, your kid could mold, cut, knead, roll, shape, and do just about anything with it. There are also tools and accessories from Play-Doh to help your kid to be able to create.

See the enjoyment and delight of your kid while playing with Play-Doh.

Almost every kid played and owned Play-Dohs, and it’s a regular part of every child’s life.

That makes Play-Doh as the most remarkable pleasant accident of all time!

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