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Are Mega Bloks Made By Lego?


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It is not uncommon to hear questions like “are Mega Bloks made by Lego?”, or “are Mega Bloks the same as Lego?” since the two look almost exactly alike. However, those who are into plastic construction blocks would know the answer to this, especially if they are a big fan of Lego. So, is Mega Bloks owned by Lego? Let’s find out.

Is Mega Bloks Owned By Lego?

No, Mega Bloks is not owned or made by Lego. Mega Bloks and Lego are actually competitors in the world of plastic building blocks toys. The founder of Lego was Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932, while Mega Bloks was founded by Marc and Vic Bertrand in 1967. Lego’s country of origin is Denmark, while Mega Bloks is Canada. Although both are the same construction blocks toys, they are two different entities.

The two brands may look like they were manufactured only by one company, but there are a lot of differences if you look closer. Lego bricks stick well together compared to Mega Bloks. However, parents may prefer that the bricks can be easily removed, especially if their kids are still too young. But for older kids, it is best to give them something that sticks well together.

Another comparison is its price. Lego is a bit more expensive than Mega Bloks. Some people claim that Lego is more expensive because of the quality and probably because they are one of the pioneers in building blocks toys. The themes that both brands carry is also different. Mega Bloks popular themes are Hello Kitty, Call of Duty, Star Trek, Monster High and Hot Wheels. Lego, on the other hand, has DC and Marvel Heroes, Minecraft, Disney Princess, Star Wars and Jurassic World.

Mega Bloks may not be made by Lego, but the brand has definitely made a name for itself. You can buy Mega Bloks and Lego products at Amazon and Walmart.

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