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Play-Doh - How long does it last?


Play-Doh, the world-famous ultimate modeling dough, is made to be usable, reusable, and revivable for a longer period. It could last forever until you just want to part with it.

It could remain soft in its original packaging from the time you buy a Play-Doh for 3 months.

But it's made with no expiration date because you could revive it and make it like it's new again by using drops of water to give its moisture back to make it soft, moldable, and reshapable again.

You could use this water process by putting Play-Doh into a small cup or bowl, then put little drops of water into it. You need to knead the Play-Doh and use your hands to work it and make the water bind with the dough. Just continue to do so and add water as needed to make your clay or putty soft and moldable again.

Another way is to run warm water into it slowly and to do the next steps mentioned above. You could also try wrapping Play-Doh in a damp paper towel, after which you return it to the container and let it just stay there overnight.

One sure way to make your Play-Doh to last is to put it in a Ziploc or air-tight container to store it or after each use.

How long does Play-Doh Last, you might ask again. Since it has no expiration date and doesn't expire, it could be used again and again after it dried up and even it has gone crumbly. That's the biggest advantage of Play-Doh.

You should not throw Play-Doh if your kid outgrew it. There are other ways to use your kid's old Play-Doh. Here are some of them:

  • Put it in the bottom of pots to arrange flowers
  • Use it to help strengthen your child's hand muscles and work on their fine motor skills. You could have your kid to roll the old playdough into balls using the thumb and forefinger.
  • You could clean your car with Play-Doh, and it could pick up all those dirt, sand, little pieces, and mess in your car, including the small unreachable spaces. Just simply form a Play-Doh in a shape that you're comfortable with and roll it over inside your car.
  • Turn it into a stress ball by filling a small balloon with Play-Doh and tie it up. You have your instant stress ball!

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