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Can Nerf guns get wet, go in the water, or underwater?


Nerf guns are made from thick ABS plastic, and foam ammunition is not waterproof, but some players tried to get it wet, in water, and even underwater.

Their performance would be below par, especially underwater, because they were not designed to be used that way. Nerf guns that get wet would put their metal hardware in the danger of rusting. 

Nerf guns in water or underwater won't have their normal force to conquer the water-resistance and will stay in the barrel. You could fire and shoot the gun underwater but would result in a very weak shot with no remarkable and significant outcome. 

Can Nerf guns get wet?

It's sometimes inevitable that your Nerf gun could go wet but make sure not for long as it could jam your internals, take away the grease in your plunger, cause rusting in its metal parts, and it could affect its performance.

Some nerfed through the rain and snow and they were able to do it but that could result in the screws ad springs to rust eventually. A Nerf gun out in the cold could make it brittle too. 

Just make sure to keep the mud, sand, dirt, and water out of your Ner gun's internals, so you don't have to worry at all.

Your problem would be about rusting parts that are metal and not stainless. Any water in your Nerf gun would eventually be mixed with the dirt inside that would be harder to clean the internal part, and you would need to disassemble it and let it air dry for a couple of hours at least. 

But one thing is for sure, springs and screws will rust if you let your nerf gun with water for so long. Some splashes wouldn't hurt much as you could just easily wipe off the water in your Nerf gun's outer shell. 

Can Nerf guns go in the water?

There are videos on YouTube that show people experimenting and bringing their Nerf guns in water. Yes, of course, they succeeded, but they were not able to use them in full potential. Their shots were weak, and didn't able to aim at anything. You can't bring Nerf guns with batteries in water. 

The best is to make sure your gun is thoroughly dried up afterward. 

Can Nerf guns go underwater?

Here's a video of what could happen if you bring your Nerf gun with you underwater. The father and son were able to release shots, but the foam darts lost its forward momentum and just float easily. It's understandable because Nerf guns are not technically designed for underwater usage. 

Never bring your Nerf guns with batteries underwater since they would lose their power to work so. 

Check this video below to see what could exactly happen with a Nerf gun underwater.

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