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Are Nerf guns allowed on college campuses?


College life is one of the happiest and memorable parts of one’s life. There are some instances that one would need to stay in the dorm on the college premises.

There are campus rules and regulations; each student needs to abide and follow to avoid getting into trouble.

One of the questions asked especially by Nerfers is, Are Nerf guns allowed on college campuses?

They are not generally allowed on campuses and also in dorms due to safety, security, or any college policy provisions with regards to overall safety inside the campus. 

Firearms or ammunition that includes air-soft guns or toy guns that resemble real weapons like Nerf guns is strictly prohibited. Some college campuses would go as far as having unannounced random inspections for foam and imitation firearms.

Some campuses are more lenient as they allow Nerf guns inside only the dorm rooms, and they’re prohibited outside, including the hallways. 

The more strict colleges even have a written policy specifically prohibiting nerf guns. It is prohibited along with other toy guns, BB guns, paintball guns, potato guns, and air rifles.

All colleges have this in their school’s rules and regulations:

The possession or carrying of toy or replica versions of weapons is also prohibited unless required as part of a program sponsored or facilitated by the university.

Also, air guns, spring guns, paintball guns, bb/pellet guns, or other instruments in which the propelling force is a spring, compressed air, or CO2 are prohibited.

Toy guns, gun look-alikes, and non-functioning replicas of guns are also prohibited. These include NERF, water guns, and Super Soakers.


Why should Nerf guns be allowed on college campuses?

Nerf guns are fun, don’t hurt, would not cause any property damage, and they look different and colorful as compared to real guns.

College life could be stressful and having fun is important

Students de-stress in a multitude of different ways, and playing sports or Nerf wars and games are all fun ways to relax

It’s very satisfying to run around and sweat and to be shooting with friends with foam darts and as they shoot you back and run out of ammo and everyone would race around to pick up the ammo and continue the chase and game

There is no strong reason not to allow Nerf guns on campus while baseballs and skateboards are allowed.

After Thoughts

Nerf guns are colorful, fun, and safe. It’s designed for active fun play ad not to cause anybody harm. It would even be a very cool and wonderfully awesome idea to have Nerf clubs and Nerf battles on school campuses.

It would pave the way to foster friendship and camaraderie among students that have common grounds for loving Nerf guns. 

Hopefully, one day, all the college campuses and dorms would welcome Nerf guns with open arms.

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