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Which Hot Wheels to Collect?


Which hot wheels to collect would largely depend on your preference. However, you should know that hot wheels collectors have their own community wherein they would have much respect for collectors who follow a certain theme.

What hot wheels should I collect?

The answer to this question will mostly depend on the personal preference of the collector. You may choose to collect only those muscle cars or from the year 1980s production. You may also choose to collect only those that have your favorite color. For example, you can collect only those hot wheels that were painted with shades of blue, pink, red or any color you want. Some hot wheels collectors choose to buy only those that have new casts, while others prefer to collect only the BMWs.

What hot wheels to collect?

Choosing to collect hot wheels based on your preferred color is one easy way to start your collection. You can also collect hot wheels based on its series. Hot wheels come in different series. Some of these are Treasure Hunt, Super Treasure Hunt, Formula One, Fast and Furious and Car Culture, etc. Hot wheels that belong to the Treasure Hunt series have that circled flame as its logo, which is usually placed on the car door or on its spoiler. The Super Treasure Hunt series have the TH letters somewhere in its body. Hot wheels in this category also have the Real Riders wheels, which means its tires are made of rubber and not of plastic. The Formula One series are produced as part of the company’s collaboration with the Formula One team. If you are an avid fan of the Fast and Furious movie, you can also collect its hot wheels series. The Car Culture series is more about styles and cultures. Examples of these are the Euro-style, Hot Wheels Redliners, Modern Classics and the Street Tuners.

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