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When did kinetic sand come out?

Kinetic sand enthralls adults and children alike. It is very silky and fun to touch and highly moldable. For adults it is a therapeutic and fun way to melt the stresses away. For children, it is a great educational toy that challenges creativity and cognitive functioning. Adults can do sculptures and castles, and anything their heart desires. Children can squish it, scoop it and dig it. Kinetic sand is good play for everyone.

Kinetic sand is sold all over the world and is readily available online. But when did Kinetic sand come out?

Kinetic sand has been sold since 2013 and probably even earlier than that.

Magic sand or Kinetic sand was originally developed to clean up oil spills. The idea was that the coating would repel water but help attract and trap oil. Although scientists did try using it to clean up spills, the modified sand’s main claim to fame is as a toy.

Now, kinetic sand is used all over as an educational toy and can even help teachers explain the difference between hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials.

Kinetic Sand, Paw Patrol Adventure Bay Beach Playset

The One and Only Kinetic Sand, Adventure Bay Beach

The Paw Patrol is on a roll with Kinetic Sand! Now you can mold your favorite Paw Patrol pups and play at Adventure Bay Beach. With 3 colors of Kinetic Sand and 3 unique pup molds, you can create Rubble, Chase and Marshall characters.

It’s easy to mold, create and play with the included Adventure Bay play space. Just open up the box, create the beach out of Kinetic Sand and let the fun begin. And with the Ryder character stand, you can create all your favorite Paw Patrol rescues. Kinetic Sand never dries out, keeps your hands clean and is easy to clean up. Race to the ruff-ruff rescue with the Kinetic Sand Paw Patrol Adventure Bay Beach Playset.

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